Jumaat, September 28, 2007


Hi Shah,

Good to hear from you. I, too, have similar emotions about my thesis proposal. My plan and literary review goes in on 6 October, soon followed by my proposal and seminar presentation. We have some aspects in common. I'm dealing with a transnational author -- model: Haruki Murakami -- and investigating his writing through critical reading and rewriting from my own POV. Enough of that -- my study is piled with books on literary and cultural criticism, so my POV will be "informed."

We have the OzAsia Festival at the moment. I've been to some super performances: contemporary music on Tuesday, William Yang doing a monologue and slide show called "China" -- excellent; Anna Yen telling the story of three generations of the women in her family in a performance piece and film called "Chinese Take Away" -- very sensitive and sad (both on Wednesday; Thursday was a traditional Indigenous Australian/Indonesian epic narrative -- much fun and laughter but sad too; tomorrow is drumming with Binari Dulsori; Monday is "Scorpionfish"; later in the week "Wanderlust" which is dance; finish with Hung Le -- comedy show.
A very busy time but I am enjoying myself, and wondering if I can get all my study done.
Family is fine, including all the furries. My sister has moved to Canberra and Mum has gone there for a month's holiday. It is quiet not having her drop by. I saw Sam at Uni yesterday for lunch. Alex I saw last week when we had a family lunch before my sister left. Val is fit as a fiddle, still plays squash several times a week.

We look forward to seeing you in December for your graduation. I saw Cole at the State Library last Tuesday. He asked after you. I told him you were fine, but not enjoying the cold weather. He laughed. He has lost a lot of weight; I hardly recognised him. Today I am cold. By December it will be warmer.

I am off for an early night, since I must be up early tomorrow for my shift at RPH (Radio for the Print Handicapped).

Keep in touch,